What defines a good and professional logo?

What defines a good and professional logo?

It’s hard to neatly pack who you are and what you do all in a single logo, but it’s worth taking the time to think about how you can achieve this if you want a quality logo that stands the test of time. After all, people will naturally judge your company by its logo, and that first impression really does count!

Logo designing requires some level of intelligence as well as skilled and experienced graphic designers to create something that looks great, represents who you are as a brand or business and helps you stand out from your competition. Let’s take a look at some of the factors our designers consider before creating your brand-new logo. 


Simplicity is one of biggest factors at play when it comes to creating a good logo. A simple logo will help your customers instantly recognise it. Think of the McDonalds ‘M’ and how easy it is to see it from a distance and, consequently, how people often use McDonalds franchises as landmarks when giving directions. Simplicity also works towards creating a memorable and versatile logo – factors which we will discuss below.  


What unique features will make your logo stand out? Be it font, spacing, colour or icons, it’s important that you choose a feature that’s distinctive if you want your logo to be remembered. Just think of Coca-Cola’s cursive font, the bite out of Apples logo, the broken-up triangle for Adidas and use these examples as inspiration to help your logo make a lasting impression.  

Versatility and Scalability 

Versatility and scalability go hand-in-hand. A logo that can be easily scaled down or scaled up in size will be much more versatile and easier to apply to different platforms like corporate profiles or social media. We recommend creating your logo in a vector format for optimal scalability. The last thing you want is a pixelated logo once it is blown up.  


Does your logo effectively represent what your business is about? Yes, your logo can be abstract but there’s a fine line between being abstract and being inappropriate. Think about the ‘Toys R Us’ logo and how it is bright and colourful and uses playful font to attract kids – these properties would not be appropriate for an insurance company! 

Now that we’ve helped you define what makes a good logo, we hope you’re ready and inspired to get started with your own logo. If you’d like to enlist the help of our creative designers and need your logo recreated or created from scratch, you are welcome to contact us, describing what you’re looking for so we can get back to you with a quote. 

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